Responsibilities OIR

According to Decree No 2902 of 1994, the responsibilities of the Office for Interinstitutional Relations (OIR) are the following:

    • To advise the Rector on all things related to the establishment and development of policies and programmes for international cooperation
    • To promote academic cooperation with international institutions and entities in the University’s institutional and academic direction units
    • To advise the different University agencies on the effective conditions for exchange with other academic institutions as well as on processes of institutional projection
    • To systematize the information on the programmes of international cooperation and distribute it among the university community
    • To propose to the Rector the budget allocations necessary for the execution of the respective activities and responsibilities taking as frame of reference the policies and programmes for international cooperation
    • Other responsibilities the OIR may be assigned according to regulatory norms or by the Rector in accordance with the OIR’s nature.